The Okanagan hockey UK academy is pleased to have Swindon academy and Nova Hreod Academy as their academic partners.

The sixth form players attend the Beech Avenue site at Swindon Academy and years 8-11 players will be attending Nova Hreod Academy.

Our student athletes follow the national curriculum and both schools are able to tailor their timetable to allow our players to participate in on-ice and off-ice activities whilst fulfilling a full time academic schedule. During term time players from outside the local area will board with host families close to the school and the sports facilities used by OHA

Both schools support Okanagan personally by providing full-time study supervisors who oversee our players’ on-going development and give support when necessary.

Ryan Aldridge said the hockey academy could only operate by partnering with key organisations. “The relationships developed by Okanagan with our partner schools and Swindon borough council are key to the development of the hockey academy. The academic development of our student athletes is a priority for everyone concerned.. We are sure that our players have everything they need to succeed in their studies.”

The staff at our partner schools have been very positive and supportive. They are essential to the success of our programme because the provision of high quality academic education is essential to the Okanagan mission.

Nick Warren said ‘The link between the hockey academy and Swindon Academy has proven itself to be really beneficial for both the players and the school. A significant number of players have found that their academic success has grown just as fast as their skills on the rink. This is because the quality of teaching at the school is consistently strong, and also because the way the school day is structured around the players’ rink time allows them to do both equally well rather than having to compromise one in order to be good at the other.”

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