School Performance

Our academic partners Swindon academy and Nova Hreod have been rated as a GOOD PROVIDER by government body Ofsted in all categories.

School Name Type of School Number of Pupils at End of Key Stage 4 Progress 8 Score & Description Attainment 8 Score
Swindon Academy Academy 92 0.52 - Above Average 47.5
The Ridgeway School & Sixth Form College Academy 159 0.23 - Above Average 51
Lydiard Park Academy Academy 185 0.23 - Average 46.4
Highworth Warneford School Academy 173 -0.06 - Average 48.7
St Joseph's Catholic College Academy 221 -0.04 - Average 44.8
Nova Hreod Academy Academy 134 -0.08 - Average 48.3
Lawn Manor Academy Academy 144 -0.09 - Average 41.9
Abbey Park School Maintained School 187 -0.14 - Below Average 46.7
The Commonweal School Academy 232 -0.19 - Below Average 46.5
The Dorcan Academy Academy 143 -0.29 - Below Average 41.7
Kingsdown School Academy 223 -0.48 - Below Average 39.4
UTC Swindon Academy 66 -0.72 - Well Below Average 39.1
Crowdys Hill School Special School 32 -1.82 - Well Below Average 0.2
St Luke's School Special School 14 -2.86 - Well Below Average 6.1

(Scores shown are average GCSE points scores based on best 8 GCSE courses. High achieving pupils are those that gained an average Level 5 in Key Stage 4 tests. Source – Department for Education January 2019)

Swindon Academy’s Score

Nova Hreod Academy’s Score


Okanagan Ice Hockey Academy UK Alumni



Isti Dragomir came from Hungary in season 2012/13, he followed an academic pathway and is now studying English at the University of Hertfordshire.


Isti Dragomir is in his final year of studies at the University of Hertfordshire and on track to achieve a 1st class degree by this summer in BA (Hons) Business Studies with a year in industry. Last year he completed an Industrial Placement year and worked for DHL Supply Chain and Synthomer UK as a Finance Assistant. Additionally, he has completed the AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting (Level 2) in order to provide him with additional qualifications when commencing his5 full-time career. Currently, Isti is looking to secure a graduate position within the field of finance.

Okanagan Ice Hockey Academy Junior UK




Arthur Joselowitsch was a German student with English as his second language, he excelled at school and is now studying at the University of Riga.

Okanagan Ice Hockey Academy UK Alumni



Ilija started in the 2015/16 season. He opted for an academic route and studies business at the University of Westminster and continues to play Hockey at Uni.

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