Offense Position Specific Camp


The focus of this camp, both on and off the ice, is to teach players the individual skills and tactics required to become a more intelligent, more skilled player. Working on valuable skills that play a big part in todays game. This camp provides all players aged 12-16, the opportunity to improve the offensive side of their game, while enhancing skating agility, mobility, puck management, on puck skills, forechecking and checking skills from our team of professional coaches.


Defensive Zone

  • Backchecking
  • Shot blocking
  • Break outs
  • Low guy support
  • Wall support
  • Exits


Neutral Zone

  • Transition play
  • Transitional skating – agility and lateral movement
  • Becoming an option
  • Entries
  • Generating speed
  • Attacking the D


Offensive Zone

  • Shooting skills, shot selection
  • Cycling
  • Puck protection
  • Decision making and hockey IQ
  • Becoming the offensive
  • Using the D
  • Net presence, tips and deflections

Position Specific Camp Application

To apply for OHA UK's position specific camp. Players must be ages 12-16 during the camp dates.
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