OHA UK athletes complete WHL Combine Testing Day

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OHA UK athletes complete WHL Combine Testing Day

The OHA UK players continued their development program during their trip to OHG Penticton, with a day working with Jason Wild from the WHL Combine.  Jason Coordinates WHL Camps and Combines testing across North America. This includes the top prospect in Canada working with the Hockey Canada Program.  The WHL in partnership with Okanagan Hockey has tested more than 10,000 athletes in North America. The WHL Prospect Combines are designed to assess skill development and ability assessment.

Working with the OHA UK Coaches, Aldridge and Elson, Jason put the UK athletes through the WHL Combine tests. All the UK players were tested both on and off the ice.  The complete on-ice testing session featured the same comprehensive tests performed at all WHL Combine testing events. This included the Sherwin-Williams CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game. Several NHL teams use this testing.

After being tested, all the players are being given access to an extensive on-line database. The database contains WHL tested athletes. And allows recruits to compare themselves against other athletes. This shows recruits rank while at the same time using their individual test scores to adjust their own training and skill development programs, which will help them reach their highest level. The test results for all athletes are entered into the exclusive WHL Database that is used by WHL General Managers and Head Scouts to track and identify athletes.  The players will be tested again through the season in the UK to track progress and monitor their development.

Head Coach Ryan Aldridge on The WHL Combine Testing

Head Coach Ryan Aldridge said “Testing is a huge part of their development and completing the WHL Combines really gives us some great data on where all our players are, and where we need to tailor their training to reach their potential. It gives the players great insight on where they are compared to other players both on the team, and throughout North America.  It’s a fantastic tool and opportunity to get to complete these tests and work with Jason, the same as all the top prospects in North America.  The players really enjoyed the experience and we had some really great results within the group.”

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