One year in with Ollie Endicott

Okanagan Ice Hockey Academy UK Player

One year in with Ollie Endicott

OHA UK caught up with Ollie Endicott #41 to talk about his first full season at OHA UK.


Why did you choose to join OHA UK?

I chose to Join OHA because of the amount of ice time, the time the sessions take place and because of the coaching, OHA has produced a lot of top players.

What areas of your game have you improved on since joining OHA?

Since joining I have improved my physical game and my skating. I am a lot faster and stronger now, my stride is stronger and more efficient than it was before I came.

How have you found the Canada Trips?

The Canada trips are a great part of the Academy for me. They are fantastic and I have got a lot out of them. You get to see how the game is played over there and get to see what the competition is like for your age group. They are all big, strong, and talented.

What are you looking forward to the most next season?

Next season I am most looking forward to meeting my new teammates and getting the season underway as I just can’t wait to get back with the boys. Also, next season I’m looking forward to going to Canada again as it is the best experience I have ever had in hockey.

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